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We are pleased to announce Cando’s 19th Annual National Conference & AGM "Building Capacity – Building Communities”, which will be held in Membertou, Nova Scotia from October 22 – 25, 2012. Each year, Cando’s National Conference & AGM is hosted in a different region of Canada, providing the opportunity to profile advances in local Aboriginal community economic development. This year, we are honoured to welcome the Membertou First Nation as our conference host, providing the essential community feeling that Cando’s highly respected conferences are known for.

Membertou First Nation Profile   

Terry Regalia  Membertou Building

Named after the Grand Chief Membertou (1510-1611) the community of Membertou belongs to the greater tribal group of the Mi’kmaw Nation. Membertou is situated 3 kms from the heart of the city of Sydney, Nova Scotia, within its tribal district of Unama’ki (Cape Breton). It is one of five Mi’kmaw communities in Cape Breton, and one of thirteen in the Province of Nova Scotia. Membertou is an urban First Nation community consisting of over 1300 people.

Membertou embraces its mandate of creating wealth, wellness and infrastructure. Through the turmoil of the last century, Membertou has come from being a "have not” community to becoming a "have” community. Membertou is not creating an enduring community; Membertou has been living in one for many generations. Membertou will continue to live graciously, live respectfully and live as proud as they do today. Presently Membertou works through economic development in order to bring gracious abundance to the community.

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