Aboriginal Private Sector Business Category Finalists

Bizzybody Events

Bizzy BodyBizzybody Events is a 100% Aboriginal owned-and-operated event Management Company with more than 23 years of experience. Bizzybody Events offers professional management services for events, projects and fundraising initiatives for organizations, First Nation communities, industry and municipalities throughout British Columbia. Jocelyn Eisert, the current CEO of the company, founded Bizzybody Events in January of 2008 with the assistance of the Northeast Aboriginal Business Center, and has enjoyed a great measure of growth and success. 

Based today in Fort St. John, BC, Jocelyn was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, is the youngest of 16 children and is of Métis descent. Jocelyn was born into humble beginnings and managed to fight her way through poverty to get educated and she attributes much of her success to the love of her work and the positive relationships that she builds with others. Jocelyn Eisert is a passionate event coordinator who was recognized by the BC Achievement Foundation in 2012 when she was awarded for "Outstanding Achievement” at the BC Aboriginal Business Awards Gala. In the last six years of operations Jocelyn, through Bizzybody Events, has managed to raise $1.7 million for non-profits to host events in the region, a remarkable accomplishment for a one-person enterprise located in a remote area of British Columbia. 

Erasmus Apparel

ErasmusErasmus Apparel is 100% Aboriginal-owned and an ideal example of how to become successful in the northern business world.  In January of 2011, Sarah Erasmus was fresh out of design school, full of ambition, hopes and a vision for a successful northern business, when she decided to take a huge risk. She decided against the safety of taking her talent to an existing business and instead took a chance, followed her dreams, and created Erasmus Apparel with the intent to fill a gap that existed in the northern marketplace. Erasmus Apparel was created to produce original clothing and products, designed and produced by a northerner for northerners.

The business started on little more than a dream and some support from her family. Working out of her parents' house, Sarah used the inspiration of her family and put her creativity to work making designs that would inspire all northerners. The designs she has come up with speak to all northerners but particularly to the Aboriginal community.  The ingenious "Got Diamonds? Thank a Dene." shirts, the children’s traditional vest shirts, and even the iconic Erasmus Apparel moose logo itself are all a tribute to her Aboriginal roots and the pride she has in her culture. Despite being a relatively new business, Erasmus Apparel is successful and growing with each passing season.  Despite still being very young herself, Sarah Erasmus has already proven to be a savvy businesswoman and role model for current Aboriginal youth on how hard-work, perseverance and dedication can make your dreams come true.