Training and Development Officer

Job Description


Training & Development Officer - NEDA

Job Description
The Training and Development Officer (TDO) is responsible for assisting the members of the Nunavut
Economic Developers Association (NEDA) in achieving their short and long term professional
development goals particularly as they apply to the NuEcD certification program. This will be
accomplished through the design, development, implementation, and monitoring of professional
development projects, activities and initiatives of NEDA and through the management of the NuEcD

Reports To: Executive Director

Duties & Responsibilities
The TDO will be responsible for coordinating the professional development services and activities of
NEDA as outlined in the business and strategic plans. The TDO will work closely with the Executive
Director and key partners/stakeholders to design, develop and monitor professional development
initiatives and provide input/feedback on progress as required. Key areas of responsibility for the
position include:

• Manage all aspects of the NuEcD Certification program
• Coordinate professional development services and activities
• Mentor EDOs as they undertake all forms of professional development
• Advocacy development related to EDO training and certification
• Administrative support as required
• Reporting as related to professional development activities

Some of the specific duties of the position are listed as follows:

NuEcD Certification Program

1. Manage all aspects of the NuEcD Certification Program including, but not limited to, testing,
ongoing certification requirements and all certification related communications.
2. Conduct prior learning assessments (PLA) for EDOs across Nunavut and recommends to the
Executive Director and/or the Certification Committee, the appropriate training and/or testing
required to meet the needs of the Certification program.
3. Conduct interviews with EDOs to determine if they require any training prior to taking any
certification course to help ensure their success.
4. Develop individualized training plans for each EDO that lead to eventual certification.
5. Source complimentary training resources that will help EDOs to successfully attend and
complete certification courses.
6. Coordinate all aspects of the delivery of online certification courses.
7. Participate in all delivered certification courses and provide support/mentorship as and when
8. Monitor and report on all results of the certification courses including issues and
9. Assist in the development of course materials for NuEcD certification program.
10. Source and evaluate relevant training opportunities that can be recognized by the certification
11. Assist Executive Director to gain recognition and credit for the NuEcD with other provincial and
national economic development associations.

Professional Development Services

1. Work directly with EDOs undertaking professional development activities, providing guidance
and mentorship as required/requested.
2. Works in partnership with NEDA’s membership to develop and monitor individualized training
3. Research and maintain a catalogue of economic development related training programs,
workshops, facilitators and training providers, as well as available professional development
4. Promote professional development opportunities available to NEDA members.
5. Assist the Executive Director in developing and implementing professional development related
projects and activities.
6. Conduct individual skills assessments for NEDA members as requested and recommends
professional development programs to meet identified needs.
7. Monitor and update NEDA website as required including an online database of training plans
and workshops.
8. Provide and receive feedback on training plans and professional development opportunities.
9. Assist the Executive Director in the development and delivery of the Annual Professional
Development Conference.
10. Assist the Executive Director in the development and delivery of webinars.
11. Identify available resources and funding to support EDO professional development activities and
work with Executive Director in preparation of funding applications as required.

1. Act as an advocate for the Economic Development Officer position, particularly with regards to
professional development. Ensure EDO’s and NEDA members are provided access to
information on available professional development opportunities.
2. Working with communities and the Governments of Nunavut and Canada, ensure that NEDA
members have access to required resources to undertake professional development activities.
3. Collect feedback from NEDA members on programs, workshops, resources and policies related
to professional development and communicate it to the appropriate organization.
4. Develop and maintain effective working relationships and ongoing communication with the
various stakeholders, partners, funding agencies and organizations that have a role in
professional development.

Administrative Support

1. Assist in the preparation of regular board, staff and general meetings.
2. Develop correspondence as required.
3. Develops regular work plans for review and approval by the Executive Director.
4. Assist the Executive Director with other related duties as required.
1. Provide regular progress, activity and financial reports (if applicable) to the Executive Director
and Board of Directors on projects, initiatives, and activities relate to professional development
2. Monitor all aspects of the NuEcD Certification Program and provide fiscal year end reports that
outline the results, challenges and recommendations to improve the program.

Position Requirements
The TDO is a skilled position that requires specialized knowledge and training to be successful.
Minimum Education or Training
Post-Secondary Education is required with a diploma in any of the following or similar fields;

• Training and/or education
• Human Resources
• Business/Economic or related field

Experience in any of the following areas would be considered an asset.

• Community economic development
• Training
• Indigenous communities

A combination of education and experience will also be considered for this position.

Specific Skills/Knowledge
• Excellent interpersonal skills, particularly with respect to sensitive, difficult and confidential
• Excellent writing and verbal communications skills are essential for this position.
• Knowledge of professional development opportunities, both general and those specifically in
economic development and related fields.
• Knowledge of economic development profession and climate in Nunavut.
• Knowledge of available funding programs and guidelines, particularly with respect to
professional development.
• Ability to undertake job audits and skills assessments when required.
• Ability to work independently and manage multiple activities.
• Knowledge of computer software programs such as MS Office.

Working Conditions
• This position works 7.5 hours per day, Monday – Friday. Punctuality is very important. Urgent
requests and inquiries are often received and require immediate attention.
• The position will occupy an office space within NEDA and the Baffin Business Development
Corporation offices. An orderly workstation is required.
• Some travel is required of this position.
• Significant use of a computer terminal is to be expected.
• Some heavy lifting may be required with regards to shipping/receiving project related material.
• Workloads may be heavy at times and conflicting demands will need to be prioritized to best
meet the needs of NEDA’s members.
• Close attention must be paid to details always to ensure tasks are completed properly.

Salary & Benefits
The salary for this position ranges from $65,000/year to $85,000 per year plus a Northern Allowance of
$15,000/year and other benefits including Vacation Travel Assistance and a Housing Allowance.

Organizational Chart

Board of Directors ---> Executive Director ---> Training Development Officer

More Information & To Apply:

Please contact Hal Timar (Executive Director of NEDA) for more information or to submit an expression of interest in this position; by email at
or by phone at (867) 979-4620 (office) or
(867) 222-3620 (cell).